Working for primary schools

Documentary of our visit to primary schools in Jyväskylä, Finland, working for improving reading in children


On November 21, 2018 Latnord became a Member of Finland Chamber of Commerce, trade association Finland- Latin America. MEMBERS


LATNORD meeting with National Committee for Economic Cooperation with Latin American Countries (CN CEPLA) in Moscow, Russia. 


Monaliiku Finland

On October 1st, 2018, was signed an agreement with the Finnish organization Monaliiku to provide football training for refugees living in Espoo, Finland. The group includes refugees from Syria, Afghanistan, Ethiopia, among others. Monaliiku is currently finalist at the European Union Sports Awards for its project Fit4Life, among 9 finalists selected out of 111 other European projects related to Social Inclusion.


About us

LATNORD is a international company aiming to connect Latin America and Northern Europe, by our activities focused on three areas: consulting, management and sports. Our headquarters are located in Keilaniemi, Espoo, the main corporate district of Finland. It was founded and registered in Finland by Patricio Sazo Arellano, Industrial Engineer graduated from Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile (Pontifical Catholic University of Chile). We are members of Finland Chamber of Commerce, trade association Finland- Latin America (members).

Business ID Finland: 2958788-8.

VAT number Finland: FI29587888

Keilaranta 16, 5th floor, office 550. Espoo, Finland.


LATNORD Consulting, is participating in projects both public and private in Latin American countries. Our specialization is solving challenges of any sector in Latin America using technology and knowledge from Nordic countries, by adapting them to the local reality and coordinating actors in both continents. Therefore, we are frequently offering new opportunities for European companies in Latin America. Our projects have included many sectors such us: education, energy efficiency, health technology, parking technology, music industry, among others. In addition, we support European companies aiming to operate in Latin America by connecting them with clients and developing studies regarding the region.

LATNORD Management, is aiming to bring the experience of music and food from Latin America to Northern Europe. We are manager of three Latin American music bands and artists based in Europe: Obi Trio, Trimanos and Luiz de Sá. We have an Italian Catering, our Head Chef Domenico Emanuele is currently Head Chef of Ravintola Gusti in Helsinki. Aso we are manager of Patagonia BBQ Finland, organizing events with our catering services. Quotation and bookings for events in Finland, Scandinavia, Russia and the Baltics, both our music bands and barbecue catering, in our contact information.

LATNORD Sports, is coordinating professional and paralympic football activities involving clubs and institutions in Nothern Europe and Latin America. Our activities include organizing tournaments for football academies by request of clubs; proposal of players by request of european football clubs, we have collaboration with many intermediaries and football clubs in Finland, Russia, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, among others; we organize in Northern Europe seminars by football celebrities from South America, and sport events with former players and celebrities. In addition, we work for Monaliiku in Finland, coaching football for refugees, Monaliiku was awarded at European Union Sports Awards Be Inclusive 2018 (1st place), for the important work for women and refugees families integrated by practicing sports.


+358 415671926

Keilaranta 16, 5th floor, office 550.

Espoo, Finland.